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Anishinabe Legal Services, Cass Lake, Minnesota

PLEASE READ: Due to Health & Safety concerns pertaining to COVID-19 Anishinabe Legal Services recommends an appointment. WE ARE STILL OPEN, however. Please call us at: 218-335-2223 to receive assistance. Miigwech (Thank You)!

Phone: (218) 335-2223 Toll Free: 1-800-422-1335 Fax: (218) 335-7988

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Due to the current health crisis in our communities, ALS is taking the following steps to help keep our clients, employees, and communities safe and healthy to enable us to continue to serve clients.

ALS offices are open by appointment, however staff will continue to provide services, and new applications are still being accepted by phone or through online intake.

If you or someone you know needs legal help, please call 1-800-422-1335 or 218-335-2223 to complete a phone application. Clients may also apply on-line (or get a copy of our paper application on-line to print and fax) via the Get Help pages.

Please know that our services will continue during this time. Our team is available to support and respond to the needs and concerns of existing and new clients. As always, we are working to ensure high-quality and critical legal aid services continue. We understand that low income individuals will face additional and unique legal problems during this crisis and we will be there to advocate for them.

ALS will monitor developments and act accordingly. We will also continue to provide updates on social media or post on our website for additional or changed information. Feel free to reach out for any questions you may have.


Anishinabe Legal Services is a Legal Services Corporation (LSC) grantee and independent 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides free legal assistance to low-income individuals living on or near the Leech Lake, Red Lake, & White Earth Reservations in Northwestern Minnesota.

ALS provides legal assistance to eligible clients before tribal courts, state courts, and agencies to help them protect their rights. Anishinabe Legal Services has offices in Leech Lake, Red Lake, and White Earth.

On this website you can: learn more about ALS, find forms for use in the Leech Lake, Red Lake, and White Earth Reservation Tribal Courts, get referrals to other organizations and resources, learn how to request help with a legal issue from ALS, or learn how you can get involved.

Please see the links below for the court form you want to work with. This information is new for public use, any comments or questions, feel free to contact:

For White Earth Tribal Court:

Custody Petition
Custody and Parenting Time Answer
Dissolution of Marriage with Children
Dissolution of Marriage without Children
Dissolution Answer
Motion to Modify Child Support
Petition for Visitation
Order for Protection Petition
In Forma Pauperis
Certificate of Service

For Leech Lake Tribal Court:

Custody/Parenting Time Petition
Custody/Parenting Time Answer
Dissolution with Children
Dissolution without Children
Affidavit of Personal Service
Certificate of Service by Posting or Mail
In Forma Pauperis-Custody
In Forma Pauperis-Dissolution
Order for Protection Petition

Disclaimer: The use of this website does not create an attorney-client relationship. The information on this site is not legal advice. Legal advice depends on specific facts and circumstances. This website provides general information only. You should contact an attorney if you need specific legal advice or help.